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Nobody wants to think about it.
"What will I do if my loved one dies?"

"What will happen to my family if I become ill or disabled?"

"How much coverage is enough?"
"What kind of insurance do I need?"

we can help answer these questions...and more

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50% of Canadians have NO life insurance.

45% of Canadians say they don't
have ENOUGH life insurance.*

2 in 3 families in Canada can’t meet
their immediate living expenses
if the primary wage earner died.

Life Insurance

are you and your family covered?

If your loved-one dies, leaving behind a mortgage to pay, children to care for, a business to sustain or other debt - how will you make it work? Would you have to downsize your home? Get a second job? Put your kids in daycare? Sell the family business?

In these situations, a Life Insurance policy will pay a tax-free lump-sum of money to a recipient upon death. In most situations this only costs the policy holder cents on the dollar in exchange for a sizeable benefit.

Life Insurance is offered in a variety of options - from Permanent Insurance to Term Insurance.

Permanent Insurance

OWN your insurance

just RENTING, thanks

Permanent insurance is designed to last for your entire life. It typically has a fixed cost for the life of the policy, and can also be structured to accumulate guaranteed cash-values & dividends that grow tax advantaged within the policy. This can greatly compliment and stabilize an existing retirement plan. 

It provides a lump-sum payment upon death which can be invested to provide an income, or pay for final expenses & other costs. It can also be an effective part of diversifying an investment portfolio.

An amount of permanent insurance provides certainty of coverage for your whole life and it can be combined with term insurance.

Term insurance is a form of temporary coverage mainly used to cover off debts during working years, (such as a mortgage, credit cards, vehicle loans etc.), or other needs which will only last a certain number of years.

It has a fixed-cost for each term of the policy. It provides a lump-sum payment upon death which can be invested to provide an income, or pay for final expenses & other costs.

It is typically a less expensive monthly option, but is more costly through the entire life of the policy. It is a good compliment to an amount of permanent insurance, but does not accumulate a cash-value.

Term  Insurance

1 in 3 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime.
50,000 Canadians suffer from a stroke each year.

3.8 million Canadians report having a disability that limits their daily activities.*

insurance can help in stressful circumstances

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A Whole Life Policy provides your child with Insurance for life & Savings for their future.

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